McDonald’s To Offer Breakfast In New Late-Night Menu


When late-night hunger strikes, expect McDonald’s to accomodate your breakfast cravings. The Golden Arches is reportedly offering a new “Breakfast After Midnight” menu for the night owls.

The new list will roll out from midnight to 4 a.m., starting at locations already open for 24 hours. McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson told CNBC that the company was looking to expand its breakfast hours after customers demanded that the McMuffins and biscuits be available later in the day. The only hurdle was having a vast array of food items to juggle in a limited space.

The menu is already in-stores in select locations in Delaware and Texas. While the exact number of restaurants slated to offer the “after midnight” breakdown is still unknown, a rep says that nearly half of its 14,000 restaurants across the U.S. are open 24 hours.

Photo Credit: Getty