Michelle Obama Confronts Heckler During Speech

As expected, Barack and Michelle Obama are targeted by critics for the decisions or statements they make every day. While the two have remained graceful through it all, our FLOTUS could not hold her tongue when it came to a heckler during one of her most recent speeches.

This past week, FLOTUS attended a private Democratic National Convention fundraiser in Washington to talk about motivating America’s youth to do better. Held in the home of a lesbian couple, many of the attendees were concerned with LGBT rights, including Ellen Sturtz, who interrupted Obama’s speech to talk about the issue. Not one to back down from ill-advised interruption, Michelle stopped her speech to say, “One of the things that I don’t do well is this.”

After exiting the stage and approaching the woman, she said, “Listen to me, or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

The crowd applauded as Michelle returned to the stage and Sturtz was escorted out. Today, she released a statement, hoping to explain her behavior. “I lived and worked in the closet, hiding who I was in order to earn a living. I had planned to speak tonight with DNC officials but, as the First Lady was talking about our childrens’ [sic] future and ensuring that they have everything they need to live happy and productive lives, I simply couldn’t stay silent any longer. I’m looking ahead at a generation of young people who could live full, honest, and open lives with the stroke of the President’s pen, and I was hoping that the First Lady would share my concern for all of our young people. [Obama] came right down in my face. I was taken aback.”

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