Miley Cyrus Asked For A ‘Black’ Sound For Single, Says Songwriters Rock City


Consider songwriting brothers Timothy and Theron Thomas the Jay-Z’s of penning hits. They don’t write anything down and are able to scribe an entire chart-topper before you can even say “Pour it up” (which they wrote for Rihanna, by the way).

Nevertheless, they’ve taken on stars from nearly every genre of music, including Akon, Jennifer Hudson, Ashlee Simpson and Gwen Stefani. Their most recent project has been breaking actress/singer Miley Cyrus out of her bubblegum Disney shell and into the spunky young woman she has always been. For her forthcoming album, the Thomases crafted the catchy Mike WiLL Made It-produced party bumper “We Can’t Stop” and revealed that the mohawked songbird was particular about the sound she was aiming for.

“When you listen to the Miley Cyrus record that we did, it’s not ratchet but it definitely has a lot of urban feel to it,” Timothy said. “She was like, ‘I want urban, I just want something that just feels Black.’”

Vixen Exclusive: Songwriting Duo Rock City Say Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ Was Meant For Rihanna

Some say that Miley has blurred the pop color lines, showing up at Juicy J shows unannounced and twerking what her momma gave her. Even Snoop Lion and French Montana adore her.

Still, the starlet formerly known as Hannah Montana took on the record after Rihanna passed and embraced the gifted brothers for turning a scene from her real life into a lyrical miracle.

“They played it for Miley and she had just come from partying. She was like, ‘I was just partying with my friends and everything you just said in this song I seen,'” Theron said about Miley’s reaction. “‘I was looking at it from standing on a couch with my friends, just chilling in the cut and looking around the club like whoa…I’m hearing the song like that was my weekend. I have to do this song,’ [she said] and then we just got connected from there.”

Now, the brothers Thomas are grinding in the studio with Omarion, Usher and Jamie Foxx (separately), assuring that their records will have people hashtagging for years to come. “The whole song is a conversation,” Theron says about each musical canvas they tackle. “Our goal is, ‘Can you say it in sentence?’ Our whole thing is what can we say that is just simple and easy for somebody who will want to say 10 years from now?” —Adelle Platon

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