MLB To Suspend Alex Rodriguez And Others For Steroid Use

The Biogenesis saga looks like it may be reaching its next step. ESPN reports that Major League Baseball will seek to suspend Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and up to 20 other players for their connection to the shady Miami health clinic.

MLB’s pursuit of suspensions hinges on the cooperation of Tony Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis, who had refused to speak to investigators for months since the story broke earlier this year. The league has a list of about 20 players they plan to suspend, and will seek 100-game bans for many of them, including injured Yankees star A-Rod and the Brewers’ slugger Braun.

ESPN says this would be the largest drug scandal in American sports history if it ends up enveloping the 20 or so players found in Biogenesis documents. Bosch kept notes of players he allegedly supplied with steroids, and referred to many of them by pseudonyms that were easily cracked by the Miami New Times.

The players will be suspend not only for steroid use, but for lying about their connection to Bosch and the clinic.