Feds Allow Over-the-Counter Plan B, Contraceptive Available to Anyone


After a decade of government officials debating if the morning-after pill should be available over the counter, the Obama administration announced yesterday (June 10) it’s ending its fight to keep age restrictions on the morning-after pill.

Meaning, once a few more preliminary steps are made, anyone (at any age) will be able to purchase a pill that prevents pregnancy within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

“Now that the appeals court has forced the federal government’s hand, the FDA is finally taking a significant step forward by making Plan B One-Step available over the counter for women of all ages,” said Nancy Northup, President and Chief Executive of the Center for Reproductive Rights. “But the Obama administration continues to unjustifiably deny the same wide availability for generic, more affordable brands of emergency contraception.”

The idea of young girls purchasing the $50 pill after having sex makes the issue very controversial. Where do you stand Vixens? Should the morning after pill be readily available just like condoms?