Neil Patrick Harris Denies Dropping N-Word During Tony Awards

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris is appalled at the rumor of him using the N-word during his hosting gig at the Tony Awards Sunday night (June 9). The Daily Mail initially reported that he used the derogatory term during his opening number with Mike Tyson on-stage. Harris fired back on Twitter, denying the accusation on Monday.

Though the post has since been deleted, TMZ also claimed that the actor dropped the N-bomb, writing “We’ve played it back dozens of times and can’t come up with another explanation [than Harris using the N-word].” Harris’ rep then issued a statement, scolding the speculation: “Neil unequivocally did not use derogatory language in the opening number of the Tony Awards, and for any outlet to indicate otherwise is completely irresponsible and utterly disrespectful. We are all so disheartened by the careless reporting, especially following such an incredible show and celebration for the hard-working, dedicated people in the Broadway community.” Despite the controversy, the “legendary” funny man had a blast holding down hosting duties, even throwing in a few friendly jabs at Les Miserables and Annie, and ultimately scoring the highest ratings in years.

Photo Credit: Getty