New Daft Punk Album Sales Plummet

Daft Punk’s record sales have plummeted by 73% in the second week since the release of the duo’s first album in eight years.

It’s only been two weeks since Random Access Memories was released to the world. Most would assume that album sales would be skyrocketing at this point, but in reality, album sales took a dramatic dive last week.

Since a majority of the album sales were digital pre-orders, the first week of album sales were well over 300,000 copies sold. Week two revealed a shocking 92,677 copies sold. Not to mention, the single “Get Lucky” featuring, Pharrell Williams going to No 1. in 46 countries in a day. But still, the question maintains, has the hype passed? Doubtful!

The electronic duo hasn’t released any official statements regarding the news, but it’s probable that it won’t severely dent their wallets. Besides The Robots’ own music, they are usually busy on other collaborative projects, like their work on Yeezus.

Photo Credit: Apparata