Nude Kim Kardashian ‘Fertility’ Statue Unveiled in L.A.

With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby girl due in a month, it’s only right that a statue be made to honor the reality star’s pregnant state, albeit naked.

The nude statuette made in Kimmy’s likeness with a heavy bosom and round belly, titled “L.A. Fertility,” was unveiled in Los Angeles Wednesday (June 5). The sculptor, celebrity artist Daniel Edwards, says the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s beauty served as the inspiration despite the media’s negative comments about her preggo body.

“I was inspired by the beauty of Kim Kardashian and felt quite put-off by the media’s criticism of her weight gain during pregnancy,” Edwards said in a press release. “Such criticism should be off limits.”

The controversial artist, whose work includes the 2006 life-sized nude of Britney Spears giving birth to son Sean Preston and a statue of Angelina Jolie breast-feeding, said he designed the Kim K sculpture without arms or clothes so admirers could focus on the beauty.

“People tend to look at the parts, like the creases in her armpits, or how she wore a dress that makes her look like a killer whale,” he told Los Angeles magazine. “I’m stripping it of the details people get stuck on, so they can see the beauty.”

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