Ohio Air Show Crash Captured on Video


A stuntwoman and pilot died in front of thousands of spectators at the Vectren Air Show in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday (June 22). Virginia-based pilot Charlie Schwenker and veteran wing walker Jane Wicker were performing a routine trick on a one-prop 450 HP Stearmans when it rolled over, crashed and exploded into flames in front of the spectator box. Both were killed, but no one else at the venue was injured. Wicker, 44 and mother of two, was sitting atop the plane’s wing when it abruptly nose-dived. “There is nothing that feels more exhilarating or freer to me than the wind and sky rushing by me as the earth rolls around my head,” Wicker had posted on her Facebook page. “I’m alive up there. To soar like a bird and touch the sky puts me in a place where I feel I totally belong. It’s the only thing I’ve done that I’ve never questioned, never hesitated about and always felt was my destiny.” The Vectren Air Show shut down after Saturday’s crash, but resumed Sunday with a moment of silence in honor of the fallen pilot and stuntwoman. Several spectators were filming the stunts on their cameras and phones, so amateur video of the tragedy has made its way online. Viewer discretion is advised on the graphic video content below.