Papoose Explains Hijacking Summer Jam Stage in ‘Open Letter (Freestyle)’

Papoose continues to put a backward spin on the American Dream.

Last week, the Nacirema Dream rapper proved to the world that a rapper could play the Summer Jam XX main stage without being invited nor on the bill, after he hijacked the stage following Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy’s headlining slot. Papoose drops his own “Open Letter” freestyle to explain his impromptu and unannounced performance last weekend.

“I hijacked the stage with no hammer/ I did it right infront of the camera. Shades. Waving a bandana,” the Brooklyn rapper begins. “…Industry never did shit for me, except hated on me and pull trickery/ They don’t want to let a nigga shine/ Fine, I’ll take another artist’s time.”

His freestyle is both narrative and has something for the haters. “I don’t care what you all tweet,” Papoose continues. “You making me a trending topic you, fucking geek/ Stepped on the stage with Barkleys on my feet. Started going in as soon as I heard the beat. Kendrick said Pap, ‘You gonna give me beef. You don’t need this shit anyway come chill with me in the streets.”