Coffee Talk: Peruvian Woman Throws Husband’s ‘Mistress’ Off Cliff [Video]


A Peruvian woman took revenge to another level after discovering her husband on a date with another woman. On Friday (June 21), video surveillance caught the jilted wife throw her husband’s mistress 20 feet to the ground, despite the woman’s claim that she wasn’t romantically involved with the husband. The husband is seen running away in the short clip and has since admitted to cheating on his wife. Thankfully, noone was severely injured and since the incident, the wife identified as “Lissette” has separated from her husband and apologized to the “other woman.” (Examiner)


Yesterday (June 21), Britain’s Ministry of Defense released a 4,300 page report of declassified UFO sightings submitted to its X-Files unit before the division shut down in 2009. (E! Online)

The sheep-eating plant Puya Chilensis has bloomed for the first time in 15 years. It can still be found in Chile today where shepherds find and burn it to protect their flocks. (UPI)

A magnitude 5.2 earthquake hit northern Italy on Friday, causing some damage to rural areas, but thankfully no deaths. (Yahoo)