Producer S1 Explains Why Kanye West’s ‘Guilt Trip’ Was Cut From ‘Watch The Throne’

After bringing the beat in on Kanye West’s 2010 smash “Power,” producer Symbolyc One (a.k.a. S1) has etched his sonic initials into ‘Ye’s hardware once again on the rapping producer’s sixth studio effort Yeezus.

The beatsmith, real name Larry Griffen, Jr., arrives in the fourth quarter on Yeezy’s latest catalog with one of the more emo tracks “Guilt Trip,” pumping the bass and fiddling with sound effects that bring the image of a laser gun to mind all while the Chi-Town rapper pours his feelings out.

S1 says the song—which also employs rapper and former G.O.O.D Music artist Kid Cudi—even has roots stemming from royalty.

“The ‘Guilt Trip’ beat was actually made in London when I was in the studio with Kanye and Jay for the Watch The Throne album,” reveals S1. “He always loved it but it didn’t fit the vibe of Watch The Throne so he held it for this album.”

The G.O.O.D. Music signee is no stranger to big names, having worked with artists like Beyoncé, The Game and Talib Kweli, but his work with Kanye is never the same experience.

“I’m always expecting something against what’s popular because that’s just him as an artist and a creator,” said the Texas-born producer. “I didn’t know exactly which direction [Yeezus] was going to go but I knew it would be something kinda away from the norm of what everybody else would be doing.”

But S1 won’t stop at Yeezus. After recently dropping part two of his own mixtape Still Underrated filled with tracks he produced for the likes of Raekwon and Jay-Z, the music man also has upcoming projects in the works with Lupe Fiasco, Eminem and Snoop Dogg. —Anthony Centeno