Beyoncé and Rihanna Get Low Rankings on Reddit’s Top 100 Hottest Women


Although Reddit users–under the supervision of daxl70–quickly voted actress Mila Kunis to the top of their first ever Top 100 Sexiest Women list, it’s apparent voters had real no love for Beyoncé and Rihanna, who entered the list at 72 and 74, respectively.

Each woman, who’s snagged coveted titles like GQ’s Sexiest Woman of the Millenium, GQ’s Obsession of the Year (again, respectively) and even People’s Most Beautiful People Woman, would seem like automatic top 10 entries begging the question: What kind of fellas (assuming this forum was spotted by mostly men) voted?

Shoot, even Maxim ranked your favorite rapper’s favorite singers in the top 20 of its annual Hot 100 list. And let’s not forget that girls love Beyoncé…and RiRi.

Among the only black women to make Reddit’s rankings, they were joined by other women of color like Rashida Jones (#87), Salma Hayek (#58) and Rosario Dawson (#55).

Check out the full list here.