Reginae Carter and Bria Williams Talk New Book, Their Fathers And More On The Breakfast Club

Juggling school and the rumor mill is daily routine for Bria Williams and Reginae Carter, the daughters of Birdman and Lil Wayne. Now the Cash Money princesses have crafted a fictional book giving an insider perspective on what it’s like to be a celebrity’s kid.

Bria and Reginae swung by the Breakfast Club to dish on their new novel Paparazzi Princesses and what they hope children will take from it. “We just tried to make something fun for kids to read and they can also learn a lesson,” Reginae said. “It’s not all roses and daisies being a celebrity kid.”

After Birdman threw the idea in the air, Bria and Reginae seized it as the perfect opportunity to show that their lives aren’t so perfect. They don’t deny the advantages of having celeb parents like attending award shows, owning a debit card and shopping online without a limit but the girls still have chores to handle. “My mom makes me clean my room,” Bria Williams said.

Unlike other teens, the girls have been forced to learn how to cope with constant media attention. “We can’t just post anything on Instagram or Twitter. We can’t just say anything or just like send other people pictures of us because they might leak it,” Bria explained.

While policing their social media posts, the girls have also gotten used to appearing on blogs and gossip websites. “I’m so used to it. It’s like ‘I’m on there again, oh, that’s whats up,’” Reginae said.

When it comes to the future, both girls have dreams of attending college and hopes of being famous. While Bria is more into the fashion scene, Reginae is currently working on releasing an album this summer.

Take a look at how these Young Money royals handle their own above.