Review: Three Bumpin’ Dada Life Remixes ‘Boing Clash Boom’ EP

Dada Life embodies EDM. The duo, with their club-influenced electro house sound have slowly become one of the big franchises in the industry. Carrying lighthearted, fun-loving and humor-fused music, with which they’ve toured the country and headlined countless shows where fans leave drenched in champagne and slipping on banana peels. Their second studio album The Rules of Dada, landed on our Top 50 Albums of 2012 list. Eight months later we’re finally graced with more Dada Life magic with the ‘Boing Clash Boom’ EP featuring three remixes of their original track on The Rules of Dada.

Although the original ‘Boing Clash Boom’ wasn’t as commercially successful as some of the other tracks off The Rules of Dada, it was a unique hard hitting song that is best witnessed live. Don’t be surprised when you’re bombarded with Dada’s aggressive bass kicks (the ‘boing’). Recruiting an all-star cast of Bingo Players, Major Lazer, and Pierce Fulton, the ‘Boing Clash Boom’ EP boasts a variety of remixes that won’t disappoint. –>