Sephora to Release ‘Formula X’ 200-Piece Nail Polish Collection

With their OPI nail polish partnership coming to an end, Sephora is already at work on a collection of their own.Set to debut in September, the “Formula X” nail polish collection will include 93 different colors in addition to 50 effects polishes split into 12 categories. With everything from disco inspired (“The Brilliants) to matte metallics (“The Celestials) groups, this over the top beauty venture will have everything you need.

Formula X will also include protective nail kits. Appropriately titled “The System,” it consists of a nail cleanser, base coat, top coat and any color for just $32.

Not only is it one of the “most technologically advanced in the nail care industry,” it’s also a bargain steal with prices ranging from $10.50 to $12. 50.

We can’t wait to get our hands (and nails) on this in the fall.

Photo Credit: Refinery 29