Should Couples Be Public About Their Relationship on Social Media?

Despite pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, I am quite the hermit when it comes to social media. I’m not a fan of taking selfies, my tweets are seldom and I rarely update my Facebook with personal notes. Long story short: I just don’t want the whole world in my business.

As a result, my online persona is completely separate from my actual life. In cyberspace, I’m reserved, about my business and a little boring. Whenever my tweets exceed a retweet and actually encompass my thoughts, friends sarcastically reply, “Oh, my gosh. She’s alive!” Although I’m trying to invoke more of my true self onto these e-streets, I still enjoy that protective space.

Contrary to popular (and online) belief, I’ve been in a relationship for some time now. Chances are you didn’t know if our communication is limited to emails or random hellos across the web space. Most people assume that if you don’t shower your significant other with public displays of affection, you’re embarrassed or unhappy. I am neither of those things. Like any other couple, me and my boyfriend go through the notions of a growing relationship, but we are still happier than ever. Both of us have Facebook pages, but rarely use them to say “I love you” or share our insider jokes with one another. We don’t hide our relationship or make an announcement about it. We’re just us.

Do I think it’s wrong to do the opposite? Absolutely not. I have a handful of friends that are notorious for flooding my newsfeed with sappy songs, status updates and photos dedicated to their boo. And some of those relationships are still going strong. Even though this Generation X behavior is unnerving, I try not to cast judgement on those who make their relationship readily available for public fodder.

think a man and a woman should do what feels right to them. There is no wrong or right answer. When it comes to me, that’s just not my thing. And it’s going to stay that way.

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