The 6 Best Easter Eggs In ‘The Last Of Us’ Video Game

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Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us incredible game impressed casual and hardcore gaming enthusiasts alike, and became a massive critical success when it hit stores on June 14. The triple-A title finds two world-weary travelers, Joel and Ellie, attempting to survive a fungal apocalypse that turns humans into crazed monsters. The game is currently averaging at 95 on Metacritic and was the subject of a video game inspired mixtape named CENTER AUDITORIUM.

Unlike with music, video games offer a chance for developers to place Easter Eggs into the medium for an extra punch. And while those who are curious and/or played the game would think that a fungal apocalypse was responsible for collapsing humanity, The Last of Us proves that blame should be placed on Justin Bieber.

Either way, that’s not the only Easter Egg found in the game, and you’ll be pleased to know that there are some intriguing ones littered throughout the game. Be warned: SPOILERS AHEAD!

You can scroll through the gallery and browse what we’ve found above.