Sober Man DUI: Arrested For Being Black?


A sober man arrested for DUI is planning to sue police for wrongful arrest.

Jessie Thornton, 64, was pulled over in Surprise, AZ, late at night and the officer claimed he could tell Thornton was drunk due to blood shot eyes. Thornton said it was due to swimming in a chlorinated pool, but he was given a sobriety test and then arrested. Once at the station, his BAC level came up as 0.000.

The retired firefighter submitted to a blood test as well, which came up negative for drugs or alcohol.

The sober man DUI case will now lead to a lawsuit, as Thornton plans to sue. Thornton’s lawyer called the sober man DUI a case of “D-W-B, driving while black.” Although the charge has been dropped, Thornton is seeking $500,000 in damages from the city of Surprise.

Photo via ABC