Songbird Kyler England Talks Tiësto And Future Star Collabs

It’s been two years since Kyler England released stunner album Electric Hum. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter has been busy collabing with artists across the genre spectrum ever since, and most recently becoming the EDM-songstress behind Tiësto hit, “Take Me”. Also part the pop and rock scenes (she has a band), England has proven she packs versatility and boundless vocal range. The rising sonbird took a few minutes to sit down with VIBE to spill the beans on what’s in store for her shiny bright future.

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VIBE: Your single “Take Me” with Tiësto takes a big step away from the more ‘chilled’ electronic music from your Electric Hum album. How was your experience working on dance music compared to your previous work?
Kyler England: I went into Electric Hum knowing that sound-wise it would be an amalgam of organic and electronic, a middle ground between my singer-songwriter roots and the dance music that I had been doing on the side. I wrote them in a traditional way, on acoustic guitar and piano and the songs are my stories. And I recorded them holed up in a studio in LA with my producer, Bill Lefler, over a stretch of a few weeks.

On the other hand, with “Take Me” I sat down to write a dance song. Something that melodically would soar with beats in a club and have sexy lyrics. When I heard Tiësto’s track, I flipped – it’s huge and so dynamic. I love that he used piano amongst the more aggressive synths and the way the builds and drops work with the vocals is so beautiful.

What was it like working with the legendary Tiësto? A learning experience? Intimidating?
All of the above. It was a fun challenge writing a song for such a renown DJ, knowing that he would take it and blow it up sonically. I wanted to give him something that could be anthemic and atmospheric at the same time. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it came out and with the reception from fans old and new. Really looking forward to working with Tiësto again and I’m hoping to perform our song live sometime this summer.

Will we hear more Kyler England on EDM in the future?
Absolutely. I have some collaborations in the pipeline. And Tiësto said to get on writing another tune for us sooo….twist my arm, I’m working on that.

What about hip-hop or pop productions?
I’ve never done hip-hop or R&B. I’m not sure I have the swagger for it. My husband, Richard Furch, is a big R&B mixer so I get to stay current on what’s out. As far as pop, I’m also in a pop-rock band called The Rescues. We just put out a new record earlier this year, Blah Blah Love and War. The band has four lead singer-songwriters, lot’s of harmony. My bandmates are badasses. I’d love to do something in the pop/dance intersection, like what Sia has been doing. Her track “Titanium” with David Guetta gives me goosebumps.

Any future projects we should know about?
I’m nibbling on a bunch of different projects right now. In addition to writing more for Tiësto and other dance collaborations, I’m writing for my next solo record, an electronica duo with my Electric Hum producer Bill Lefler, an indie-pop collaboration with my Rescues bandmate Adrianne Gonzalez, and a lullaby/children’s music project with jazz vibraphonist Laura Crane. I became a mother for the first time earlier this year so my daughter is probably my biggest project right now!