Women in Hip-Hop: Kia McIntyre Shares Her Secrets to Self Made Success

Nakia McIntyre

 Did you go to college? If not, do you think it would’ve made your journey easier?
 I went to college for three years and got a good job in what I was going to school for which was Health Administration. If I had finished school, I don’t think it would have made a big impact on anything. I went to one business class and that only helped me get an investment deal. Everything else was trial and error. And trust me, we had a lot of errors in the beginning. If I would have been more educated on what it took to start a publication, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money.

How did you end up working with Warner Brothers Records?
The Mixx and Warner always worked closely together because we would cover a lot of their events and do features on their artists. Over the years, I built a good business relationship with someone who worked in the marketing department. When an opportunity came, I was asked if it would be something that I would be interested in. I was willing to take on the opportunity without even getting paid just because I wanted to add it to my resume, but they informed me that this would be a paid job and that made everything even better. I had a couple of conference calls and proposed a couple of marketing plans to them. I come up with creative marketing strategies for the hip-hop and pop accounts. Part of the deal was that I could bring The Mixx team on to help with research, which made things a lot easier.

Would you say you’re “built” for the industry? What did you have to readjust about yourself to move forward? 
I’m built for it now. If you would have asked me several years ago, I would’ve said “No”. There’s been plenty of mornings where I woke up and wanted to quit. I had to keep pushing myself. I had to become somewhat of a bitch because you have to have a backbone working in this industry. There are literally no days off when working. None. And if you don’t find that balance in your life, you’ll mess around and have a nervous breakdown. This gets overwhelming.

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