Women in Hip-Hop: Kia McIntyre Shares Her Secrets to Self Made Success

Nakia McIntyre

What are the biggest mistakes you see “amateur” entrepreneurs making?
1. Thinking that just because they went into business, people owe them something. Though your idea, product or service might be exactly what your customers need, its up to you to seek them out.

2. Taking days off.

3. Being afraid to ask for help.

4. Rushing the product or cutting corners.

5. Not setting realistic goals for a company.

What are five things every aspiring business woman should have?

1. Nice corporate attire including one bad ass pair of heels.

2. A purse big enough to carry everything you need.

3. At least three genuine friends. Every woman needs a good support system.

4. The bible app. Gotta keep the faith for all the bad days.

5. Sunglasses for the days you have bags under your eyes from lack of sleep. No days off!!


What are five networking tips: 

 1.When dealing with men, keep it friendly and keep it moving.

2. Exchange business cards as often as possible.

3. Always follow-up.

4. Have a 30-second elevator pitch to drop when you meet people.

5. Be confident in everything you do.

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