10 Fashion Trends Rappers Will Rock Next


We’ve seen just about all there is to fashion in hip-hop: from quadruple-XL tees to skin-tight jeans, dudes in skirts, du-rags and dangly chandelier earrings. At this point, there’s not much that will surprise us.

But it goes without saying that there’s a budding rap zeitgeist taking over the game, and they’re ensconced in the world of Givenchy and other avant-garde ateliers, forcing OGs to up their style tactics. That’s right. White tees and snapbacks aren’t enough to keep the buzz circulating.

Talent is one thing, but this new generation lives and breathes the habiliments of fashion, and they’re talking that talk. Here, we predict the trends your favorite rappers will rock next to stay ahead of the curve.

Bear Masks

Forget ski masks and bandanas tied over your face. It’s the next big thing – ask Kanye. Bust out your inner beast with a Panda motif – ear puffs included. By the way, this concoction was designed by a hot London-based brand called Sibling.

Photo Credits: Style.com, British Fashion Council, i-D Online