Style Story: Angela Yee Rocks Bold Spring Fashion and Talks Dating in the Industry

Angela Yee


VV: As a woman who is well-respected, regardless of any rumors that may come about, what advice would you give women just starting out in the industry now?
AY: Be careful who you consider your friends and don’t take rumors too seriously. It happens to everyone, and if you’re going to harp on what people think or say about you, you may not be cut out for this. But fundamentally, make smart decisions. We all mess up, but only deal with guys who respect you and who you consider to be your friend.

What’s next for you after The Gossip Game?
I’m working on developing my own show, which will be fun and I’ll be in control of. My foundation is radio though. The Breakfast Club is now syndicated on the weekend in 46 markets and counting. I can sense that there are bigger things that will happen in radio as well.

Lastly, what are 3 random facts about you that likely no one knows?
1. I used to DJ
2. I have a security blanket that I’ve had since I was born and I can’t sleep without. I even cut it in half in case I lose it traveling I will always have one at home. Her name is Mae Mae.
3. I wrote my first poem in kindergarten and ever since then I’ve always wanted to be a writer:
4. Purple is my favorite color. It makes me think of spring and summer. A purple dress, eating grapes, lilacs–I love purple.

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Photographer: Andrew Fennell
Stylist: Kiran Goraya
MUA: K Pari
Hair: Will Skillz