The Truth About Fake Eyelashes, Are They For You?


False lashes

Every woman wants eyelashes with tons of volume and length. But, most of us aren’t born with the goods—we’re lucky if we can find a descent mascara to give us a tiny bit of thickness. Enter our saving grace (or so we like to think): falsies. For the last 18 months, eyelash extensions and false lashes have been the hottest beauty accessories.

The appearance of false lashes and eyelash extensions might be appealing at first, but there are dangers associated with these quick-fixes. To help us discover the truth about falsies, we asked top cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton to weigh in.

VIBE Vixen: What are some of the dangers associated with false eyelashes?
Dr. Ingleton: The main thing that I see in my practice is people are inadvertently pulling their real lashes out when it’s time to remove the fake ones. I’m not seeing any infections, but that’s always a possibility when you are doing anything in a non-sterile manner. You can also get eyelid dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to the adhesive that’s being used to put on the lashes.

Is there a safe way to go about getting the false lashes?
Just like you scrutinize the cleanliness of the place you get your nail done, you should look at the technician who is going to apply your lashes. Make sure they have clean hands. Also, you don’t want to have them using utensils that were used on other people.

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