TMZ Releases Photos From Evelyn Lozada’s Headbutt Injury

It’s been almost a year since Chad Johnson violently headbutt his then wife Evelyn Lozada, and the photos are just surfacing.

Today (June 18), TMZ–the site that also leaked Rihanna’s 2009 injury photos following that night with Chris Brown–released the horrific images, which show a teary-eyed Lozada sporting a deep, bloody gash on her forehead.

Although the Basketball Wives star’s TV persona warranted a lot of insincere reactions from fans, the shocking snapshots really drive home the severity of the incident.

“People were connecting my behavior on the show with the incident with Chad,” she told Upscale magazine about negative backlash. “They were like, ‘Well if she acts like that on the show, then I’m sure she acts like that at home.’ I’m a totally different person at home.”

No matter the situation, women should not be treated as punching bags or football equipment. Thankfully, Lozada quickly made an exit from the harmful marriage (the divorced was finalized in September 2012).

Click to see more photos below.