Top 10 Mashup Albums Of All Time


The “mashup” album didn’t actually exist until the 2000’s when a rising popularity of its pioneers, like Girl Talk and Super Mash Bros, stepped up to play. While many critics find the idea “distracted” or for the A.D.D set, these artists arguably evolved the mashup into its own genre. It’s safe to say, mashups are part of today’s pop culture zeigeist, and can serve as a musical time machine stacking decades of music on top of one another.

Still, due to copyright and distribution issues mashups remain in the backdrop of music, never quite getting the recognition some deserve. The internet is their sole medium (on the plus side, all the music is free) to release productions. To give credit where it’s due, we count down the top 10 best sample-based albums of all time –>

Mixed Up By: Max Chung & Sarah Polonsky