Traci Loses $50K, Momma Dee Falls Back (Sort of) and K. Michelle Vs. Mimi on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Things all fell apart for the ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta last night. Following the huge scream fest last week between Mimi and K. Michelle, Ariane tries to play mediator and get the old friends back together. She tells Mimi that K. Michelle is easily excitable and invites her to come to NYC with her (where K just so happens to have a concert) so the ladies can talk and hopefully squash their issues.

Elsewhere, Scrappy finally stands up to Momma Dee following her “End of Engagement” party. He tells her to stop disrespecting him and packs his stuff up. Dee apologizes, which isn’t easy for her, but she’s secretly VERY happy that Erica is out of the picture. Erica may be out of the picture for good, as we find out during a fashion show, that Shay has still been seeing Scrappy. It’s not totally clear what the extent of that is, but when Traci asks her, it’s clear that Shay still harbors some feelings. Things gets weird when Erica walks down the aisle of the show and later totally snubs Shay. Traci vows to get Erica and Shay on good terms, but it ain’t happening today.

Traci has her own issues, totaling to about $50k to worry about. She finally gives Drew the money for his sneaker store and then finds out he gave it to his business partner, without a contract, who stole the money. With a launch party near, Traci is embarrassed and shocked. She storms off, leaving Drew standing there, promising he’ll fix things.

Rasheeda and Kirk’s issues go from bad to worse. She feels that her longtime love is not the man she married. He accuses her of being spiteful and getting pregnant on purpose. Kirk asks Rasheeda to get an abortion but she responds, “Hell no. I’m going to have a baby.” Kirk confides in Benzino (of all people) about his problems. Even Zino is shocked by his behavior and insensitivity. He tells Kirk to be supportive for his wife and then educates him on safe sex practice. What a guy.

Stevie J and his artist Che Mack try to talk to Joseline again about being cool with Stevie working with other women. It’s so not happening. Joseline wants to know why her album isn’t done, but her man has time for these other birds. She tells Che that she’ll never work with her and storms off.

Finally, things come to a head in NYC, as Mimi finds out that K has been talking smack about her on the radio. Now, K is openly telling people that she thinks Mimi’s man is on the Down Low. When Ariane, Mimi and K do meet up backstage at K’s show, the tension is thick. K tells Mimi that she does believe that Nikko is gay and so is his friend/roommate Johnny. Mimi starts yelling to K that she has no man and the two get into it. At one point, K takes a congratulatory flower bouquet and smacks Mimi with it. She then walks off, singing into her dressing room.

Now it’s Ariane’s turn to get mad. She feels Mimi acted immaturely, which of course, is the last thing Mimi wants to hear. Ariane and Mimi get dangerously thisclose to each other, while screaming. It seriously looks like these two are donezos too. Mimi tells Ariane to watch her back: K. Michelle turned on her, so she’s do the same to Ariane.

How will the fight end? Stay tuned to next week’s episode!