Trailer: Keanu Reeves’ ‘Man of Tai Chi’ Looks Fight-tastic!

This new trailer for Keanu Reeves’ directorial debut Man of Tai Chi is really great improvement over the first look he offered at the movie.

Man of Tai Chi is reminiscent of those back-in-the-day martial-arts movies that would come on Saturday afternoons, and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The new trailer features a lot more back story, an intriguingly complicated moral journey for the main character, and sharply-executed fights.

The plot finds a “pure-hearted” man lured into an underground world of fighting and conflict where he must now “kill or be killed.” Tiger Chen (former stunt man, The Matrix / Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) plays the heroic warrior and director Keanu Reeves plays the villain.

You can watch the trailer below to get a clearer idea about Man of Tai Chi, and enjoy the best “Finish him!” exhortation since Mortal Kombat hit the silver screen.

There’s no U.S. release date for this film.

Props: Slash Film