Trina Braxton Files For Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Trina Braxton is the next celeb heading down the aisle of divorce.

Fans were no stranger to Trina and Gabe’s marital problems as it was a frequented topic in the show’s discussion. Now, the Braxton Family Values star is finally doing what so many viewers anticipated: filing for divorce from her sex-addicted husband.

“Trina says she’ll try to work out a financial agreement with her estranged  husband to divvy up their assets (and debts) as calmly as possible,” reports TMZ, “she’s asking for a total divorce, claiming there’s no hope for reconciliation.”

In 2012, Trina’s husband admitted to cheating on her with multiple women and she admitted to “oral transaction” with a band member.

The couple tied the knot in 2003 and tried to work things out by renewing their vows in September 2012, but apparently enough is enough.