Twitter Reactions to Stacey Dash Supporting Paula Deen

We’re convinced Stacey Dash may not be a fan of Blacks.

If you remember (as if you could forget) the Clueless actor faced criticism for supporting Mitt Romney and not President Obama during last year’s reelection. Now the 46-year-old is supporting the Food Network’s former cook, Paula Deen. The transitioning singer took to Twitter and tweeted, “Only god can judge your heart BTW my daughter loves your show (only way she can get me to cook).”

Twitter took no time to openly bash the ageless actress for her seemingly warm words to Deen. One follower tweeted, “Stacey Dash fine as hell but I think we gotta trade her in the next racial draft.” Another tweeter wanted her to trade in her black card: “Is it too late for us to trade Stacey Dash for JT [Justin Timberlake]”.

After an hour the twittersphere calmed down and followers retreated to their usual tweets, but as the endorsed chef continues to get support from the Al Sharptons and Judy Smiths of the world, we believe this won’t be the last time twitterland attacks the supporter.