Un-Ruly Says ‘You Can Touch My Hair’ [Photos]

How many times are you asked, “Can I touch your hair?” Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? Well Antonia Opiah was tired of the questions and in response wrote an article entitled “Can I Touch Your Hair” on the Huffington Post in an effort to unrazzle the fascinations others have with Black hair.

Antonia keeps the discussion going on her website un-ruly.com, a site she created to celebrate and inspire black hair. And with the help of her sister, Abigail Opiah—who recently begun her natural transition—and friends, they turned the conversation into an interactive exhibit allowing the public to “get educated about our hair and get the dialogue started” the site’s manager explained.

The project entitled “You Can Touch My Hair: a Public Art Exhibit” launched earlier today  (June 6) in Union Square in NYC and featured three females of color (one with dreads, another with a huge afro, and another with a weave) holding a sign that read, “You can touch my hair”. While a few onlookers were afraid to touch their hair, no one was afraid to ask the models questions about their hair texture.

The exhibit will also be available this Saturday between 2-4 at Union Square, NY. Jump the page to take a look at the exhibit and stop by on Saturday.