Usher Talks Playing Sugar Ray Leonard, ‘Sexy Time Music’ And More On Conan


Usher worked the late night crowd when he stopped by Conan, discussing on-stage mishaps and making music appropriate for after-hours.

“There’s always a quadruple stitching situation with all of my pants so I don’t end up balls out,” Ursh said before revealing that his pants split during a performance in front of the President.

“I’m fortunate to make music to help a few guys through harder moments (harder, get it?) but definitely enjoy what I do,” The Voice judge said before stating for the record, “I don’t make love or perform to my own songs intimately.”

He also talked his craziest fan moments and playing boxing veteran Sugary Ray Leonard in the forthcoming film Hands of Stone.

“I knew how to put my hands up but not quite like the man.Sugar Ray Leonard was incredible,” he says right before Conan asks the “Yeah” singer to teach him a move or two.

Watch the full interview courtesy of MWP above.