Vashtie Describes Perfect Summer Outfit And Plans For New Violette Collection

Vashtie really needs no introduction. The downtown culture curator has several slashes in her bag of boss titles–director, designer and DJ, just to name a few–but most importantly, the down-to-Mars, hardworking woman knows how to enjoy the perfect summer Friday.

In collaboration with Green Label Sound and brand agency Team Epiphany, the 32-year-old creative hosted TE’s #SummerFridays at NYC’s Open House Gallery last week, alongside 90s-loving bestie Oscar Sanchez.

Sure, a breezy afternoon (all play, some work) with a star-studded crowd is luxury best served cool, but the bonus? Va$htie gave us the rundown of her summer Friday faves and why she doesn’t mind going Green Label. – Niki McGloster

VIBE Vixen: What brings you out to #SummerFridays?
Va$htie: Everything Team Epiphany has done thus far has always been really creative and cool in a really organic way, where it unites all different worlds. Just knowing their history with bringing brands together in an organic way kind of brought me out. I DJ so I came out on a professional level, but I also came out to support because Green Label Sound, in particular, has been bridging music and culture in a unique way.

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