VIBE Premiere: Sky Blu Preps Solo Album With “Oh My” Ft. The Party Squad

Just in time for July 4th, Sky Blu, formerly of Grammy nominated party-boy duo LMFAO, will celebrate his independence with upcoming album, Rebel Music. While Sky admitted in a recent interview with VIBE, “I think what I am doing now is just the tip of the iceberg. I have been releasing new music but I have a long way to go,” his music goals as a solo artist are becoming clear: Put the “dance” into independencedance. Enter Rebel Music’s first track, “Oh My” feat. The Party Squad, with an overlying big-room vibe that combines rap versus and chopped trap elements. My ‘oh my,’ this could be stuck in your dome for days.

Check out Sky Blu’s first non-LMFAO release, an upbeat tune aptly named, “Pop Bottles” ft. Mark Rosas:

Also from Sky Blu is “Salud,” ft. Sensato, Reek Rude and Wilmer Valderrama, a Latin-meets-EDM song with rap-pop influences:

The free release will be available for download at on July 4th.