VIBE Premiere: Trevor Wesley — ‘Only Live Once’ EP


“Only young dude, 22, I’m living the dream/ Keep my hopes on high, breaking into the scene” sings Trevor Wesley on his debut EP, Only Live Once. The collection, 10-tracks plus three bonus songs, revives big band orchestration and places Wesley’s blue-eyed soul vocals somewhere between Timberlake and a more hip Michael Buble. Bottom line: Wesley’s pristine pitch should have no problems breaking into any scene.

“Young dude” has cultivated his talent by writing and performing with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle and Ne-Yo, the latter who along with Compound University bring you this first collection from the L.A. native. VIBE gives you an exclusive spin of Wesley’s entire Only Live Once, and, for us, it’s already on repeat. Every Wednesday stay tuned to for a new episode of “Wesley Wednesdays,” where you’ll get to know the R&B singer-songwriter from his mini-movies (Wesley trivia: his pops is a hollywood cameraman). The first, follows Wesley down bustling Hollywood Blvd as he sings and dances through the troves of tourists to his Only Live Once own track, “Finally.”