VIBE Rewind: Ghostface Killah Talks Wu-Tang Clan, Slick Rick’s Influence And More At Rock The Bells 2010

After Wu-Tang’s nostalgic performance at Summer Jam XX, VIBE and Guerilla Union dug into the vaults for this backstage sit-down with Ghostface Killah at Rock The Bells 2010.

The 36 Chambers rapper cited Slick Rick as one of his influences. “That’s like my idol right there. I get a lot of my storytelling from Slick Rick,” he says. “Even when I got my eagle on and all those jewels, I got it from this man right here. I was going through a lot of shit when he put [The Adventures of Slick RIck] out. I was in the era of getting fly, selling drugs and dust and it was just everything all in one and Rick was the nigga.”

Watch the full interview above as Ghost discusses the Clan, Rakim and more.