VIBE’s Senior Editor Sarah Polonsky Joins EDMbiz 2013


In addition to the upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas Insomniac is holding their second annual EDMbiz conference from June 18-20, where progressive and insightful panels, keynotes, and presentations are given from successful characters in the industry from artists to managers to publishers and many more.

Bringing together the EDM community to facilitate ideas and discuss relevant topics of debate, the conference attempts to consolidate the most experienced and intelligent people in the industry to create an entertaining and informative three days of EDM-talk.

We’re excited to announce that VIBE’s own senior editor, Sarah Polonsky, has been invited to be a speaker at the conference. After integrating EDM into VIBE, and with over a decade of commitment to the industry, Sarah is no doubt a perfect candidate for the conference. Follow Sarah, VIBE and EDMbiz on twitter.

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