Video Of The Week: Borgore “Legend”


The Song: Borgore has made a name for himself with his own (usually dirty) lyrics coupled with heavy drops. ‘Legend’ is no different. A trap-electrop-house hybrid with Borgore’s own lyrics preach the fast life: “Drinking until I throw up / I don’t give a fuck. . .I won’t waste a second / I do what I want, so imma die a legend.” The melodic body of the song builds into a quick drop with catchy laser synths backed by trap-like 808’s drums that will sound huge on any big system it’s played on.

Why The Video Wins Big: The camera follows a young boy living in Borgore’s house having to deal with Borgore’s usual antics (getting Jack poured in his cereal, the front lawn ravaged with solo cups and passed-out partiers). Fed up, the kid builds a makeshift spaceship and attempts to fly away, only (SPOILER ALERT) to blow up mid-air at the end of the video. The sick humor is in line with Borgore’s message in the song of living life fast and doing what you want, fulfilling your dreams so you can die a legend. Kinda reminds us of Israeli dubstep version of this? With a ton of half naked girls and partying, you can’t really go wrong.