Video Of The Week: Tom Swoon And Amba Shepherd ‘Not Too Late’


The Song:Tom Swoon (formerly known as Pixel Cheese) comes through with console charisma with a melodic progressive house collaboration with the beautiful songstress, Amba Shepherd. The pair plays off each other, as Amba’s electrifying voice (once dubbed the best female voice in EDM) glides smoothly off Swoon’s clean-cut production creating a summer-perfect track.

Why The Video Wins Big: Filmed in the streets of Tokyo, the video feels dreamlike and it mesmerizes the viewer by thrusting us into the city’s wild environment. The camera follows two strangers, a man and woman, who lock eyes on the subway but quickly part ways. The dude does his own thing (bottle poppin’ / shenanigans in Tokyo) while images of the mysterious girl flash through his head. At last the couple reunite in a strobed-out night club. A story for the grand kids.