Vixen Chat & Giveway: KimberlyNichole Talks Tutus and Her Vintage Chic Look

KimberlyNichole - WILD & Wonderful: The LIVE ExperienceVV: What are some other backstage must-haves?
KN: I must have my playlist of The Doors and Sarah Vaughan, and a nice pair of heels to rock out in. Oh, and some type of head piece or hat.

Nice! If you had to empty out your travel bag right now, what goodies would you pull out?
Besides my vocal and allergy medicine? [Laughs]. I have my iPad, a lot of make-up and my tutu, of course! I also always have some sort of high-waisted lamé pants and either one of my grandfather’s or my grandmother’s hats.

Before you jet west for the BET Experience, you’ve put together an intimate show, “WILD & WONDERFUL,” this weekend with Sophia Urista and Rahbi at the Kazino. What should we expect?
The space we’re playing is a pop-up tent that is made to have an old school vaudeville-slash-cabaret-slash-burlesque feel. So, expect a lot of wild antics, some good singing and showmanship reminiscent of our musical forefathers. We’re definitely tapping into a lot of raw authentic, rock and blues sounds.

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