Vixen Chat: Kim Kimble Dishes on “L.A. Hair” Drama And Explains Why She’s a Great Example For Women

Kim Kimble is perhaps one of the most acclaimed celebrity hair gurus in the business. Remember Shakira’s long, flowing locks on NBC’s The Voice? Kim styled it. And remember Beyoncé’s glam hair for the Super Bowl? Or Kelly Rowland’s big, curly hair? Yup, those are Kim’s creations too.

But Kim isn’t only a star behind the scenes, now she serves as an industry expert in front of the camera on the second season of her hit TV show L.A Hair. Her new goal? “I want to help people learn, grow and educate them, that’s why I chose to do a TV show,” she says.

On today’s (June 20) episode she’s slaying the manes of Fantasia, Lil Mama, and Syleena Johnson. But being a megastar doesn’t come with drama. Herewith, Kim reveals what it’s like to be an owner of a L.A. salon, and why she believes in giving her staff a second chance even if they are (really) crazy.

VIBE Vixen: Congrats on your new salon! How has that transition been?
Kim Kimble: Oh my gosh it’s kind of rough because you know with contractors and dealing with the building, it was a lot of work. I’m super excited about it because we needed more space. It’s been really great, but challenging because the drama is real [laughs]. But it’s coming together, I’m happy with it.

Angela is back to working in your salon, but is she staying for good? Or is her appearance temporary?
I believe in giving somebody a second chance. She asked me to come back so I wanted to give her another chance and bring her back into the salon. You will see her back this season, but I do have my eye on her!  I had to be smart about it, but she asked nicely so I gave her an opportunity.

How are things between you and Angela now?
I’ll say this. Angela is not the first Angela in my life. This is a competitive business. I’ve dealt with this in the past and it doesn’t make it easier, but I know that at the end of the day I am blessed. I still have a great career, great clients, and a great business. I am too blessed to harp on whatever she’s done. She has to pay for her actions. I have my vision and goals that I want to do and I’m going to stay focused because I have a mission.