Vixen Chat: Kim Kimble Dishes on “L.A. Hair” Drama And Explains Why She’s a Great Example For Women

LA Hair staff

Do you have a favorite staffer on the show?
My mama. But, besides her, I love me some Dontay; he’s a mess, but I love him. He makes me laugh all the time with his drama and his silliness. He’s talented and he never changes.

How is it working with your mom?
It’s not easy. She’s one of my favorite people in the world but it’s not easy.

Many people say that they watch the show for the drama, but it seems that the show is real-life for you; it’s your career. How do you respond to these people?
To be honest with you, sometimes I wish it wasn’t real. People that know me, know I have a reputation. It’s [being a hairstylist] not something that I just all of a sudden started doing because I have a show. I was a celebrity hairstylist before this show. But, I didn’t want to do something fake and that’s why I was nervous about doing a reality show. And, I know how much drama a salon can be. Oh God!

So let’s talk a little bit about China. What’s her relationship like with you, your staff and clientele?
China is interesting. I worked with her for a while and she’s cool. But, when I finally saw the show I was like “wow!” TV can bring out the best in people, or sometimes it can bring out the worst. I don’t agree with everything China does, just as I don’t agree with what everybody in the salon does. They’re grown people and I’m not interested in raising anybody. I will work with people, that’s just who I am until they get disrespectful. I’ll give you one chance but I don’t know if you’ll get another one because I don’t have too much time to be playing around. But, all and all I think she’s a cool person we have a great relationship.

Are you happy with your entire staff now?
Yes I am, I am happy with my staff.

It sounds like you had issues with everyone at some point, but at the end of the day you respect them as long as they do their work. Is this true?
They are very great stylists and we don’t have a lot of issues. But sometimes they want to test you. They want to do their own thing, they want to be their own boss, they want to have their own staff, and that’s fine. But if you’re going to be here, this is how Kimble Hair Studio needs to operate. I don’t have a problem saying “you can’t do this in my salon” because this is my business and if you can abide by the rules great, if you can’t then you have to go.

I don’t really have too many issues or fights with stylists. If we have an issue then you can’t work in the salon. I’ve had some issues with Angela, yes, but she wasn’t always that vicious. This viciousness is kind of intensified because of the show.

Which the camera will do.
Yes! Some people can easily talk in the confessions because nobody is standing there watching them. But, going back to Angela—she’s just young. I’ve been in this business for a long time. I’ve matured and I can teach Angela a lot of things if she would only listen, but she’s young she has a lot to learn. Life has a way of teaching you—and you can either learn from somebody who’s been in the business, or you can learn as you go through it. The choice is yours.