Vixen Chat: Kim Kimble Dishes on “L.A. Hair” Drama And Explains Why She’s a Great Example For Women


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What do you want your salon to be known for? What do you want viewers to know and remember?
I want them to remember that we are creative and great hairstylists. I want them to learn lessons from my show—I look at it as education. I want them to learn about Kim Kimble, as not just the celebrity hairstylist, but as an entrepreneur. I’m trying to be the next Madame CJ Walker. Yes I get angry when something doesn’t go right, but who wouldn’t protect their business? Who wouldn’t protect their mother? Who wouldn’t protect their territory? At the end of the day I’m professional, I do my job well and I try to be a great example to women.

Everyone, especially stylists, say women should learn how to care for thier hair. What’s the best way to learn how to take care of your hair?
First you learn from your stylist. You look to your stylist or to other professionals in the industry and take their advice. Also look through magazines for tips from professionals in the industry like myself or other hairstylists. I have a few rules on hair maintenance: 1.) Keep your ends trimmed. 2.) Keep your hair moisturized with the right conditioner, leave-in conditioners, any product that is moisturizing that doesn’t have alcohol in it. 3.) Don’t use a lot of heat in your hair, the more heat you use the more you’re going to damage it. 4.) Sleep in a silk bonnet. If you don’t have a bonnet, use a silk pillowcase or scarf.

We have a lot of readers who are transitioning to be natural, but a lot of them are using heat on their hair because they want their hair to be straight. What are some ways that they can minimize breakage with heat?
If you use heat properly you don’t have to use it too much. But, you must use the right technique. You’re supposed to move in the direction the cuticles in and look when you do it so it doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft. If you want your hair to have a lot of curls and body, don’t over heat it. You don’t over-process it with the relaxer. If you blow-dry it, maybe press it a little bit and curl it with the curling iron, but if you flat iron it and you go back and curl it, you’re doing too much. Also, use deep conditioners or leave-in conditioners that soften the hair.

You mentioned good conditioners. I’m sure your hair care line offers some. Let’s talk about Kimble Beauty a bit.
Kimble Beauty is a solution-based hair care product line. We specialize in natural hair, dry hair, damaged hair, and curly hair. I’m about healthy hair. I love to see the hair respond properly when a product is used on it.

We have a Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry line that’s designed for normal to dry hair and damaged hair types. That line includes a shampoo, masque, leave in conditioner, shine spray and serum. We also have a Bounce Back Curl line that’s designed to enhance, de-frizz, moisturize and control curly textured hair. We designed our line of sulfate free products, with no alcohol, only moisturizing items. There is something for everyone.

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