Vixen Chat: Logan Browning Talks ‘Hit The Floor’ and Gives 3 Reasons Why It’s A Must-See Show

Hit the Floor is a certified Vixen (and VH1) hit, and Logan Browning’s character Jelena? Scripted television’s most dangerous bad girls.

As captain of the Devils Girl–ficticious dance team to the Los Angeles Devils pro-basketball team–this brown-skinned dance queen makes newbie Ahsha’s life a nightmare. In the first four episodes alone, Jelena fights to keep her dirty little secrets at bay and exposes Ahsha’s real father’s identity. Shaking up things is an understatement. “She know she deserves to be on top and she won’t let anyone get in her way,” Browning says of her mean girl role.

She originally auditioned for the role of the nice and naive new girl but was better at playing the arch enemy. But despite having to tap into her inner Hannibal Lector every time she steps on set, the real-life sweetheart enjoys her new foray into acting. “It’s fun to play this character because you have to tap into a different side of yourself to understand,” she says. “You can’t judge this type of person and then play them.”

VH1’s first scripted show ever is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, Logan promises. And we believe her. — Sharifa Daniels with additional reporting by Nicole Brown