Vixen Chat: Logan Browning Talks ‘Hit The Floor’ and Gives 3 Reasons Why It’s A Must-See Show

Logan BrowningVIBE Vixen: Tell us who Jelana really is and what attracted you to this role?
Logan Browning: Jelana appears to be the b-i-t-c-h of the show, and I can’t even front, she’s evil. She breaks all the rules and makes her own but that’s because she’s worked really hard for everything she’s gotten in her life. She is dating one of the players, Terrence Wall, and that stirs up a little controversy with the other people because Devil Girls and the actual players can’t date. It’s in your face but no one says anything about it.

Ha! Seems like everyone is scared of Jelena.
Definitely. That’s how she keeps control of them–perception and fear.

Have you ever played a bitchy character before?
When I was younger, I played a bully but that was about it. I never played someone so sinister and evil. I think of her as a sociopath because she’s smiling in your face while she’s stabbing you in the back.

Is it more exciting for you play a character like that as opposed to the nice girl?
I auditioned for Ahsha–the nice girl in the show–three times. I guess they don’t see me as sweet because I didn’t book that role.

How did you connect to this character?
I hate to say part of it came from myself but she did. When people see this show, I don’t want them to think that’s who I am. Everyone has a little bit of Jelena in them. Our creator gave me the note of two people, Hannibal Lector and Joan Collins from Dynasty.