Vixen Chat: Sanaa Lathan Talks ‘Best Man Holiday,’ Natural Hair and Her Dream Role

Sanaa Lathan for Vibe VixenVV: Would you like children someday?
SL: I do. If there’s ever a situation where I feel like it’s right, I would love to. Right now, I’m just focused on career.

How close are you with your co-stars? Did you keep in touch over the years?
Oh, yeah. Taye [Diggs] and I are really good friends. Regina [King], Nia [Long]–we’ve all kept in touch. It felt like camp. It didn’t feel like work because we’re having so much fun on and off set.

You’re a Tony-nominated stage actress and film actress. Do you favor one over the other?
I love them both for different reasons. The thing about stage that is so fulfilling and delicious for me as an actor is that you get to feel the audience every night. You get to live the whole arc of the character every night. That feels so good. When you do a movie, everything is out of order, you do bits and pieces and you don’t get to actually experience it yourself. For me, it probably feels better in the theater but I do love that in 10 years, I can watch the film. Theater is fleeting.

What other projects are you working on?
Right now, I am enjoying my summer and my time off. And looking for that next gig. There’s a couple of projects that we’re talking about, but I can’t necessarily talk about it yet. I’ve kind of had a dream career. I’ve gotten to play some really amazing roles and I just want to continue to do that. I want to continue to step outside my comfort zone and play characters that make me grow as an actress.

You’ve accumulated a huge following on Instagram. How do you decide what to share and what to keep to yourself?
For me, it’s not a real conscious thing. I’m not really interested in sharing every detail of my every day. I stick to when I go to events. Sometimes it’s a quote that uplifts people. Sometimes it’s a hair thing. It’s something that’s associated with Sanaa Lathan, the actress. That’s just my instinct to do that. It’s for the fans.

You’ve gotten to work with a lot of leading men. Do you have a celebrity crush?
No, I don’t. I know them all unfortunately [laughs].

What type of guy do you go for?
I don’t have a type. For me, if I can talk to them, if they have a sense of humor–I love to laugh. For me, it’s not about a type. It’s about the connection. That’s going to be different with everybody.

What are your must-have beauty products when you’re on the road promoting a film?
Always have a red lip. That can just make you feel glamorous whether it’s day or night. Always have mints in your purse. For me, it’s really important to moisturize. And drink lots of water.