Vixen Chat: Tiffany Pearl Discusses ‘Miss Fanatic’ Fashion Brand and Miami Heat Players’ Style

Miss Fanatic Apparel

VIBE Vixen: Explain how you got started.
Tiffany Pearl: I was dancing for the NFL at the same time I was in college for fashion, and I was asked to create a few fun pieces for a fashion show that was coming up. I did that and had a great reaction. I did a little research and saw that there was a void in the market, so I decided to create Miss Fanatic. The things I created for the Dolphins was featured in our calender so that helped gain composure.

If you were cheering with the NFL, why did you choose to do NBA apparel?
It was actually a big commitment to try and break into the NFL as a brand that never had any selling experience, so I decided to start with the collegiate market because it was an easier market to break into and get more traction for the brand.

Are you looking to expand to the NFL?
Yes. There are goals of the company to expand to the NFL.

What about the WNBA? Are you looking to create apparel for their teams?
100%. There’s a market for it. The fans would be happy to have female-focused apparel.

Have any of the basketball players’ wives worn your stuff?
Not yet, I actually haven’t reached out to them yet. It would be great to get them some pieces. It would be exciting to see them wearing it.

Definitely. Is there a particular wife you’d like to see rocking Miss Fanatic?
Any of the wives, but my favorite basketball wife is La La. And she’s not a wife yet but I would love to see Gabrielle Union wearing it. That would be a fabulous thing to see her wearing our pieces.