Vixen Chat: Tiffany Pearl Discusses ‘Miss Fanatic’ Fashion Brand and Miami Heat Players’ Style


Miss Fanatic Apparel

VV: What’s your take on the post game fashion for the players?
TP: I love men in their nice suits. It’s so professional and sexy. But sometimes when the hems are a little too high or too tight, it’s a little bit not too appealing.

The Heat players have been pushing the bar with their fashion lately. Are you with it or are you against it?
I’m a Miami native so I get it. You want to push the bar with your fashion and be different and stand out from everybody else. As somebody in fashion, I want to stick with the trends, but I think you also have to be aware of what’s comfortable with your body.

Imagine you had a men’s line. If you could style one of the Heat players in your apparel, who would it be?
Probably want to style Wade or the Birdman (Chris Andersen).

Lastly, why should Vixens be aware of the Miss Fanatic brand?
We’re a fun brand. We have so many things to offer women of all different shapes and sizes. We have a triangle bikini that’s adjustable on the sides, a halter bikini with more added support and fuller bottoms. In our dresses, they go from extra small to extra large, then we have versatile pieces that can translate from hanging out at the beach to going out at night. You can really have fun with our collection.

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