Vixen Chat: Vashtie Describes Perfect Summer Outfit and Plans for New Violette Collection

Vashtie VV: Describe the perfect summer Friday.
V: Getting out of work early, meeting up with some friends, going outside to an outdoor venue. Have a drink and listen to music–a bike ride. Keeping it low-key and local is something I like.

The outfit?
I’m very famous and probably hated for these denim cut-offs I wear all the time [Laughs]. A tank top and some low top sneakers–comfortable.

Favorite summer song?
I really love “Lolita” from Leah LaBelle. So good. And I’m obsessed with “Numbers on the Board.”

Cool. So what’s coming up for you next?
I’ve been doing a lot of creative directing lately. My brand Violette, we’re coming out with a summer collection that’s going to be dropping soon. Within that collaboration, I’m working with Baron Von Fancy, who I’ve collab’d with before. And deejaying more and bringing 1992 on the road.

Dope. And you know I saw you at Pusha’s Creme store opening. Is there any chance of a collab?
I would love to. He was probably my first friend who was in the music industry, so it’s cool to see the transition. To me, he’s like my play brother. It’s funny ’cause he just makes fun of me [Laughs].